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So, you want to improve your English communication skills so you can make English speaking friends; you wish you could understand your favourite English TV shows, movies and books; you want people to say “Wow! Your English is so natural! How did you get so good?” when you speak to them for the first time.


But there is just one thing getting in your way…

“English is not my native language, and I worry so much about making mistakes.”

You decided to look for help online, and you found a million teachers telling you a million different things that you need to do like learning 10 new words a day, watching English TV shows and reading English books. 


Sure, it is good advice, but you don’t know where to begin. It is so overwhelming when you try to DO THEM ALL.


You started to do some of these things, and you made some progress.


However, here is what happened. 

My conversations are repetitive and boring.
I can’t express myself well in English.
The words don’t come out quickly or naturally.
I can’t understand native speakers because they use slang and idioms.
You got some textbooks and you spent some time learning the basics, but you still wonder:


“Why am I not getting any better.”, “There are so many different things to learn and so many different methods… I don’t know what is the best way.”, “I keep making mistakes.”, “Why can’t people understand me.”


However, you know that you can do this!


You KNOW it is possible for you to:

Have conversations with native speakers.

Understand your favourite English TV shows, movies and books.

Travel to English speaking countries without any problems.

Live or work in the UK, and build a good life for yourself.

Improve your life, work and studies with English.


The only problem is: You don’t know how!



The DanSenSei English Study Squad


The English learning community for English learners who want to learn how to communicate and express themselves naturally in English without making mistakes that confuse the people you speak to.


The study squad is my English study community that helps English learners, just like you, learn to express themselves naturally in English.


After teaching English for over 8 years, and helping 1000s of students, I found that they all have the same struggles with communication:


How can I sound natural in English?


That’s why I started DanSenSei English and the Study Squad. I believe that everyone can reach their English goals and live their best lives while using English. Everyone can be a confident English speaker!



In the guide, you will find:

How to study Every. Single. Day. Even on a busy schedule.

Why you need more vocabulary and how to actually remember the new words you learn.

The resources and apps that you should be using to make learning English easier.

What you need to focus on to improve your communication skills quickly

How to practice using English, even if you are studying on your own.


I also share the mistakes I made when learning other languages so you can avoid making the same mistakes that I made.


“Everyone can communicate confidently in English”

Study Squad Cheat Sheets


If you find that you struggle to remember the things you learned in my videos, podcasts, social media posts and website articles, you are not alone.


The Study Squad Cheat Sheets are perfect for you because:

They contain all the important details for each topic, so it is easy to remember.

They are full of examples to help you understand how the language is used naturally.

You can download and keep them so you don’t need to connect to the internet to use them.

You can store them on your phone, PC, tablet, or you can print them out and make your own textbook.

You will get new Cheat Sheets every single week, so there is always something new to learn.

They are TOTALLY FREE. You don’t have to pay a penny for the Cheat Sheets. They are my gift to you!


The Cheat Sheets mean that you can improve your English with me, anytime, anywhere!

Almost there…


If you have decided to join the Study Squad, I have made things really easy for you.


All you need to do is fill out the details below and you are in. You will receive access to the Cheat Sheet library immediately and I will email you a copy of the Study Hacks Guide so you can start improving right away!


After that, I will send you all the latest lessons, cheat sheets and new resources every week so you will never miss a thing!


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