Learn how to fix the things that make English learners frustrated about English and start making progress!

This is why you’re FRUSTRATED about ENGLISH


There are too many words in English and you don’t know which ones to learn first. It is overwhelming and that makes you frustrated about English.

Focus on the vocabulary that will make a difference to your life. These are the words that you will use the most and help you express yourself more fluently.

If you want to learn English for your career, focus on words that you will use in your work. If you are learning English because you want to travel, learn the words that can be used when travelling. Don’t worry about learning all the words in English. Most of them you will never need anyway!

Can’t Make Sentences

A lot of students feel that the sentences they make are too short, basic, or repetitive. This means that they don’t feel confident when speaking or writing.

Focus on finding new ways to express a basic idea. Try using different grammar patterns, more advanced vocabulary, and idioms. 

Try writing down a basic sentence and then try to write the same sentence in as many different ways as possible. This will help you experiment with new ways of expressing an idea. This can help you feel less frustrated about English.

Can’t Understand natives

Although you can understand your textbooks, teachers, and other students, you can’t understand native speakers or native materials.

Use the internet to find materials (videos, podcasts, audiobooks etc) made by natives for natives and practice listening to them.

At first, you might not understand very much but if you do this consistently, you will find that over time, you can understand more and more as you become familiar with the way that natives communicate.

Extended speech

You can only speak in English for a short amount of time before stopping to think about the next thing that you want to say.

Learn to organise your thoughts using 5W1H so you can output your ideas more clearly. You can also add examples and reasons to extend your speech.

Use who, what, why, where, when, and how when you want to speak about a topic. This means you will be able to talk for longer about that subject without having to pause too much. 

no one to practice with

You don’t have anyone around you that you can practice English with in your area. You can use online materials to learn but you can’t practice.

Try out some practice methods that can be done even if you are on your own, for example, shadowing, recording yourself talking and self conversations.

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Learn how to fix the things that frustrate English learners the most and start making progress!