British Slang – Tired

British people often use slang that you are not going to learn in your textbooks. However, if you want to understand British people, books, music, movies or TV shows – You need to learn some slang! They will also help you sound more natural and you will be able to understand native speakers more easily. In this lesson you will learn different ways to say you are tired! 

British Slang for Tired


Definition: To be tired. Can sometimes mean to be very drunk or on drugs.


  • We were zonked after the flight
  • That bloke must have been drinking all day. He is zonked.
  • I am zonked out. I am going home!


Definition: To be very tired or exhaused


  • I am proper shagged. I need to take a break.
  • I’m shagged. This hot weather is too much for me.
  • I was proper shagged after climbing mount Fuji last year.

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Definition: To be very tired or for something to be so old or broken you can’t use it anymore.


  • I’m too knackered to go out tonight
  • You look knackered. Are you OK?
  • My phone is knackered. I need a new one.

Cream crackered

Definition: This is cockney rhyming slang, a type of British word play where a phrase that rhymes with the original word that we can use with the same meaning. Cream crackered rhymes with knackered so they mean the same thing.


  • I’m cream crackered today. I wanna go home.
  • He looks cream crackered. He should get some kip.
  • I’m gonna be cream crackered after all this studying.

Clapped out

Definition: This has the same meanings as knackered. (Very tired or for something to be so old or broken you can’t use it anymore)


  • The team are clapped out. They have been training too hard.
  • I can’t believe you spent a grand on that clapped out old car.
  • He ran a marathon?!? No wonder he looked clapped out when I saw him.


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