Learn British Slang – Piss

Learn British Slang – Piss

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Level: Advanced    Reading Time: 3 minutes    Category: Vocabulary

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Piss is a really common British slang word. It is not a word that you should be using in formal situations though.

It is technically a swear word (or curse word as Americans say) and therefor should only be used in casual situations with friends and people you know well.

However, It is still worth understanding how to use this word, especially if you are going to the UK because you will definitely hear it from the British people you meet.


What does Piss mean?

Well, the literal meaning is to go to the toilet for “number 1” or whatever word you want to use to talk about the liquid you expel.

We do use the literal meaning of the word sometimes. You maybe would hear something like this:

  • I’m desperate for a piss.
  • Oh my god, He pissed himself.
  • These toilets stink of piss.

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How Do you use Piss?

In English, this word is used in loads of different ways. Here are some ways you can use the word piss.

Taking the piss

This phrase means that you are making fun of someone.

  • He always takes the piss out of me.
  • £9 for a pint?!? Are they taking the piss?
  • He’s taking the piss. He’s an hour late already!
Pissing it down

This is used to talk about rainy weather.

  • The weather forecast said it will piss it down all week.
  • It is absolutely pissing it down today.
  • It’s going to piss it down later so don’t forget your umbrella.
Pissing around

This phrase is used to express wasting time on activities that don’t achieve anything.

  • I wasted all day pissing around on Instagram
  • Stop pissing around, we have got work to do!
  • They need to stop pissing around and get serious.
Pissed off

Being pissed off means you are very angry about something.

  • He is pissing me off these days.
  • He pissed his wife off when he forgot their anniversary.
  • I am so pissed off about the footie results.
Piss away

This means to waste something. Usually this is talking about time, money or opportunities.

  • He pissed away all of his wages in two days.
  • You can’t afford to piss away this chance.
  • He pissed away his youth playing games.
To be pissed

This phrase means to be drunk.

  • This beer is strong, i’m starting to feel pissed.
  • I got so pissed last weekend.
  • She is always getting pissed with her friends.

So that is how you can use the word piss in English. Don’t forget to check back for more British slang words and phrases you can use with your British mates!

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