British people often use slang that you are not going to learn in your textbooks. However, if you want to understand British people, books, music, movies or TV shows – You need to learn some slang! They will also help you sound more natural and you will be able to understand native speakers more easily. In this lesson you will learn different ways to say you are angry! 

British Slang for Angry

Doing my head in

Definition: To become annoyed or irritated with a person or situation. Alternatives are “doing my box in” and “doing my swede in.”


  • This job is doing my head it. I reckon I need to find a new one.
  • Maths does my box in. I just don’t get it.
  • Shut up will you. You are doing my swede in.


Definition: Whinging is the British way of saying whining or moaning and generally complaining about everything in a really annoying way.


  • She never stops whinging. I don’t get it.
  • Give over whinging all the time, will you.
  • What’s he whinging for this time?

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Definition: Someone is being grumpy or sulking and being in a generally bad mood. We often use it with the word arse to describe people and we call them a mardy arse.


  • Steve is so mardy. I can’t be doing with him
  • Why are you such a mardy arse? I was only joking!
  • I don’t understand why you are being so mardy today. What’s up?

Throw a wobbler

Definition: To throw a wobbler means to explode and be very angry or upset and make a big show of it. Other versions of this are throw a fit and go off on one. 


  • My wife threw a right wobbler when I forgot our anniversary
  • Mate – look over there! That kid is going off on one!
  • I am gonna throw a fit if my boss asks me to work overtime again.

Got the strop on

Definition: The person is acting grumpy because they are upset about something. In Yorkshire, where I am from, we also say that someone has “got the benny on.” You will also hear people say “got the mug on.” They are all the same thing.


  • What have you got the strop on for this time?
  • I’m staying out of his way. He’s got benny on today.
  • Have you got the mug on or something? You look proper mad.


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