Learn British Slang – Angry

Learn British Slang – Angry

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Level: Advanced    Reading Time: 4 minutes    Category: Vocabulary

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In England, we have loads of different ways to say that we are not happy about something. Here is a list of my 5 favourite ways to say I am angry!

British Slang for COLD 

We have many ways to talk about being angry in the UK. Here are some common slang words that we use:

  • Mardy
  • Got strop on
  • Throwing a wobbler
  • Narking me off
  • Whinging
  • Doing my head in*

*not really slang for angry, but it means something is annoying you and will make you feel angry.


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Example sentences:

Knowing the words is only have of the lesson. Learning how to use them naturally is also important. Here are some example sentences to show you how we use these words naturally.

  • He is being mardy today
  • My kid throws a wobbler every time we go to school
  • My wife has got the strop on today
  • Will you give over whinging all the time
  • This website is narking me off.

So, there are 5 slang words that you can use to talk about being angry in the UK. Learning slang words and phrases can be a great and interesting way to express yourself more like a native speaker. 

Check the link below to learn about other phrases and slang that we often use in the UK

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