Become a Confident communicator

Stop feeling stuck when you speak English. Work with me to improve your pronunciation, communication skills and confidence when speaking in English.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • When you are speaking in English, your mind goes blank and you can’t remember any of the words you learned.
  • You understand your teachers and other English learners but you struggle to understand what native speakers are saying.
  • You feel that your pronunciation is not clear enough and people can’t understand what you are saying.
  • The sentence is so clear in your head but when you hear yourself saying it, you think it sounds weird.
  • You can’t express your ideas, thoughts, or opinions well so you feel that people think you are stupid.
  • Although you want to communicate with others in English, you don’t have confidence in your abilities, so you avoid talking to new people.

The truth is that these thoughts and feelings are holding you back and that is not a good feeling.

I Know How It Feels, Because I Felt The Same.

When I moved to Japan, I really struggled to understand and communicate with the people around me.

Life was hard because every little task was incredibly difficult. Going to the doctor, opening a bank account, finding an apartment, even just talking to my neighbours.

This made me not want to do those things because they were too hard and it made me feel like an idiot. I really wish I hadn’t done that.

I missed out on so many opportunities in my career, travels, and social life that I will never get back, all because I couldn’t communicate confidently.

It was only when I decided enough was enough and really started to study that my life got better. I worked with some teachers who helped me express myself and function in my new language.

I want to do the same for you. I don’t want you to feel the way I did and miss out on all the good things that I missed out on. I want you to learn from my mistakes!

This is how I felt every time is struggled to communicate in Japanese. It is not a nice feeling!

How I Can Help You

My lessons are custom made for each student to help you achieve your goals in the quickest time possible.

We can work on things like…


Helping you understand how natives really speak. Learn Phrasal verbs, idioms and slang phrases.


Be understood clearly when you speak. Personalised, feedback on your pronunciation, intonation and word stress

Speaking Skills

Stop getting stuck when speaking. Learn methods to help you express yourself calmly and confidently.

Error Correction

Improve your accuracy in English. Real time error correction will help you fix the mistakes you make the most.

Book a Free Consultation

We will chat about your English goals and the problems you are currently facing.

Choose Your Lesson

Choose the type of lesson or pack you want and then pick a time and Day for your lessons.

Payment Request

Make A Payment for the cost of the lesson or package you have selected.

Lesson Confirmed

Once payment has completed, you will receive all the details and materials for your lesson.

Enjoy The Lesson

Connect to the class using the link provided. Enjoy the class and be sure to speak a lot and ask a lot of questions!

Review Your Lesson

You will receive a recording of your lesson and a copy of any materials that we use so you can review.

Lesson Prices

Single 30 Minute Lesson

1 x 30 minute English lesson

Monthly 30 Min Package

4 x 30 minute lessons at a set time each week with access to the study squad practice group. Save $5 per month.

Single 1 hour Lesson

1 x 60 minute English lesson

Monthly 1 hour Package

4 x 1 hour lessons at a set time each week with access to the study squad practice group. Save $20 per month

Success Stories!

Aline – Brazil

Dan is a brilliant teacher! The classes are personalised according to my needs, and Dan is always open to answering my questions. It’s been an enjoyable journey where I am improving my English and building confidence!

Lily – Syria

I had been looking for a good English teacher to enrich my English language when I found Dan. I was impressed by his style of teaching and his attitude. I really recommend Dan as a very good English teacher!

Tina – Germany

Dan is always very entertaining and educational at the same time. I can absolutely recommend the lessons with Dan if you want to dive deeper into British English and improve your English communication skills.

Book A Lesson:

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Lessons Given?

I use Zoom for all of my lessons. You can connect to the lesson via the app or the browser. You can also connect on your phone or tablet if you wish.

What Do I Need To Prepare For The Lesson?

To make the most of your lessons, I recommend bringing a pen and paper so you can make notes. I will prepare the lesson contents, but feel free to bring some questions or topics along too.

How Do I Make A Payment?

Payment can be made via PayPal or Stripe. Both Services offer the ability to pay by most credit or debit cards. Bank transfer is not possible at this time.

Can I Cancel / Reschedule A Lesson?

Yes you can, but you must let me know 24 hours before the lesson is scheduled to start. After that point, changes can’t be made. Refunds are available for cancelled lessons.

What Happens If I Don’t Attend The Lesson

If you do not attend the lesson without any notice, the lesson will be classed as completed and no refund would be possible. I will be in the lesson for the first 15 minutes, after that, the lesson will be classed as a no-show.

Do I Need to Pay in Advance?

Payments must be made at the point of booking. Subscription payments will auto renew unless cancelled.

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