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Alright mate! How’s it going today? I’m not too bad. Thanks for asking! Welcome to another episode of the DanSensei English Podcast, my name is Dan and I’m here to help you stop being an English student and start being an English speaker. Today’s podcast episode is all about gaming and it was requested by the newest member of the patreon Study Squad – Kazuo requested a podcast all about gaming, so here we are!

If you join the patreon study Squad, you can also request episode ideas and I’ll record them for you… so what are you waiting for? The link is in the description! We’ll talk more about it later in this podcast. Now, if you’re new here, the point of this podcast is to give you some listening practice… listening to a native speaker speak naturally. It’s not edited. It’s just natural me, as a native speaker, talking. That’s why you going to hear a lot of weird stuff… you’ll hear a lot of “ah” “erm” “you know” these things, because it’s natural, and it’ll give you a good idea of how native speakers actually speak.

It’ll help you improve your listening skills and hopefully you’ll learn some stuff along the way… and you might even be entertained for a bit… so that’s the point of this podcast. Each episode is about 30 minutes long. You don’t have to listen to it all in one go, or watch, I’m on YouTube making video versions now as well, so yeah, just throughout the week give it a listen, um and if you’ve got any questions, of course, you know where to find me… but that’s the point of this podcast.

Right then, um, let’s get straight into the first topic, shall we? Today, I’ve got three main topics to talk to you about. The first is a bit of gamer vocabulary. Some words that Gamers say, you know, and this can be like describing the actual machines. it can be describing the kind of games, and that kind of thing. We’re also going to talk a little bit about gamer slang, that you that gamers use when they talk to each other, and what it means, and then I’m going to tell you a little bit about my experiences with gaming and games I like, and that kind of stuff. So, you can hear me naturally talk about it, uh like I would to another native speaker. Sounds good… let’s get started!

Gaming Vocabulary

The first thing I’ve got for you today is some some gaming terminology and I’ve actually got some props for you today. Now, if you are listening to the audio only version, I’ll do my best to explain what’s going on, but if you’re watching on YouTube, I’m going to actually show you the things that I’m talking about, so it’s easier for you to understand. The first thing I want to talk about is the actual machine that we use to play games. Now, I’m holding one in my hand, maybe you guys recognise this from your younger days, um and this machine is called a gaming console. The machine that plays the games, we call a gaming console. This one is a Super Nintendo, or a super Famicom if you’re in Japan. Modern examples… you know Xbox, PlayStation, that kind of thing. They’re all called games consoles and that’s what we use to play games. cool.

The next thing you’re gonna need is you’re going to need a way to control the game right? like you don’t just look at it and it does something, so you’re gonna need something like this. If you’re listening, I’m holding a little piece of plastic with some buttons, that maybe you can hear, and a directional pad so I can move the character around with my hands. I use my hands to press the buttons and things happen in the game. Now, this thing is called a controller. Of course! It controls the game… we call it a controller. Some people call it a joypad, or a pad, they all mean the same thing. It’s just a way to control the game. Nowadays especially, some people don’t play games on consoles. They play on PC, and PC players sometimes use a keyboard and mouse to control the game rather than a pad, but you know, you’ve got some way of controlling the game. It’s still, I guess, called a controller? There you go.

The next thing you’re going to need is an actual game. Now there’s two kinds of games. You get the physical release, which is, you know, the actual physical thing you can touch or you get digital releases, where you download the game from the internet, and you don’t have to do anything, right? When we’re talking about physical releases, we get things like this. Now, if you’re listening, I’m holding a small rectangular piece of plastic with a, uh you know, some kind of motherboard or something inside… what do you call that… uh some plastic circuit board inside with some data on it. If you’re watching on YouTube, you can see what I’m holding… this thing contains all the data for the game and this specific game is Street Fighter 2 by the way. There you go. And we call this a cartridge. This plastic thing, with the the the plastic circuit board inside, is called a cartridge. Even if it’s a smaller one, like this for Game Boy, it’s still a cartridge. Or even the little ones that come with Nintendo switch games nowadays. They’re all called cartridges. It’s different for like PlayStation and Xbox. They tend to use games on a disc… a game disc… um but yeah. the physical plastic things we usually call a cartridge good stuff.

So that is the terminology you kind of need to talk about the physical things. Now, the next thing I want to talk to you about is games. There’s loads of different kinds of games that people like… just like movies, right? Films… There’s loads of different kinds of, different genres of movies, you know, horror movies, action movies, comedy movies, whatever… Gaming is kind of the same. So some people like different kinds of games. I’m gonna go through some really common ones uh and what they kind of mean, and um give you some examples of games from that genre. Now I won’t go through everything, but the more common ones, I’ll go through for you.

Types of games

The first kind of game I want to talk about is a Sandbox game, right. Sandbox is, you know, when you were young, and you went to the playground, and there’s the little area that’s got sand in it, right? and when you go there, you can do whatever you want in that sand… you can build a sand castle, you can throw sand at your friend, you can eat it if you want… I don’t know… whatever… whatever you want… and a sandbox game kind of has that idea. A sandbox game doesn’t really have a set goal or a set task that you need to do you can kind of just do what you want. The best example I can give you of this is Minecraft. You know, Minecraft. You can do whatever you want. That’s why it’s called a Sandbox game and Minecraft is probably the most popular game of all time, probably, I don’t know… never really played it myself, but it’s super popular.

Another kind of game is like um strategy games. Now this can be what we call RTS… real-time strategy… um basically, imagine a game of chess, right. Chess, you know, the white um piece moves and the black piece moves, then the white piece moves and we take it in turns. Uh now imagine chess, if both people moved the pieces in real time. It wasn’t my turn, your turn. We just both did whatever we wanted all the time. This is kind of the idea for a real-time strategy game. You know, we build an army and we fight each other in real time. Not turn based. For example, uh Warcraft, Starcraft, uh Command and Conquer, you know, these kind of games. That’s one variety.

Another variety is called a MOBA. It stands for multiplayer online battle arena and it’s like an RTS game, but you just control one character ,rather than the full army, right, and usually this is a team game, so I’ll have a character and other people on my team have a different character and we work together to win the game. For example, League of Legends is really popular, um or Dota 2, um things like that. Really popular games, um very popular in Esports. Esports is what we call Professional gaming, by the way. Really popular MOBA games, things like that, especially League of Legends.

Another kind of game that’s really popular these days are shooting games, often called FPS, which stands for first person shooter. Now old school Gamers, like me, will know GoldenEye on the N64. That was a first person shooter. These days, I guess, you know, games like Fortnite or um playerunknown Battlegrounds, or even, you know, Apex Legends and stuff like that comes under shooting games… really popular. The idea is pretty obvious… you just shoot people. Like I guess, Halo, Gears of War, Doom, you know, all that kind of stuff. What other kind of games are really popular…

Simulation games! You know, this is where the game tries to copy something in the real world. The best ones I can give you are like sports games, right? FIFA is a game that is basically a football simulator. It tries to be as realistic as possible and you play football and it copies the real World. um basketball games, uh American football games, even racing games like Forza Motorsport. Basically, these games are designed to be as realistic as possible, while copying something in the real world. Simulation or sports games… yeah pretty popular kind of games.

We also have um party games. Now, these are games that are designed to be played at a party. They’re fun, you can have multiple players at the same time… um Mario Party is a great example of this, Smash Brothers as well, is kind of a party game that some people take too seriously, but you know there you go.

We also have the kind of… I don’t know how you’d say… action adventure or action horror or adventure horror games, where you know… Legend of Zelda is a great example of this. Like you go through the world, and you beat different bosses, and it’s you’re adventuring but it’s also like an action game, and you know, we’ve got the horror ones as well like Resident Evil and Silent Hill um yep not much to say about those games but they’re kind of popular and what else…

Platformers is maybe an old word now, but a platformer is a kind of game… imagine the first Mario games or the first Sonic the Hedgehog games where you jump on different platforms to go through the level… they’re called Platformers. Crash Bandicoot is another one or Cuphead is kind of a recent one. Yep that’s good… um think of some other ones… oh earlier I held up Street Fighter 2. If you guys watching I’ll do it again, uh Street Fighter 2 is a fighting game. Now fighting games, when there’s two characters, or more, on the screen and you do attacks to each other. I love fighting games, specifically Street Fighter. So I’m a big fan of fighting games, you know Tekken, or yeah, there’s loads, King of Fighters and what not… um so fighting games is a genre…

AH! RPG games! I can’t believe I forgot RPG games. RPG games… role playing games… now back in like the 70s and 80s, Dungeons and Dragons was really popular, right? A game in the real world where you pretended to be a character in the game and you controlled what that character does. Um and this translated into video games. We have loads and loads and loads of role-playing games. Uh in video games the most famous example is Pokemon. um, you know, you pretend to be a character and you go around the world. There’s so many uh role-playing games and they evolved into what we call an MMORPG… Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Think World of Warcraft. Like you make your character, and you go into this world, and you do you know quests and whatever. You upgrade certain skills, you know, that kind of thing but World of Warcraft was different because you weren’t just doing it on your own or in a small group. You were doing it online with thousands of other people doing the same thing at the same time. That is called an MMORPG and World of Warcraft is a an example of that.

Slang that gamers use

So there you go. There’s some different genres and video games for you. The next topic I want to talk to you about is kind of gamer slang. Nowadays, when you’re playing games online right, you also have an option to kind of talk, use like audio chat with other people, you know? Maybe people on your team. You’re talking strategies or you’re talking to the other players that you’re playing against and it’s probably a 10 year old on the other side of the world that wants to call you a dickhead… but you know whatever… but when people talk to each other specifically in game or about games, there’s quite a lot of slang that they use, and I want to try and tell you the slang that I know.

Now I’m old… I haven’t played many games. Some of this might be out of date but this is what I know and I want to pass that information on to you. Um you’ll notice there’s a lot of acronyms, which is where it’s the first letter of each word, for an example A F K – AFK means away from keyboard and it means I’m not actually sat in front of the TV right now. I’m probably doing something else. I’m not available. I’m temporarily unavailable because I’m away from the keyboard. I am AFK. Good…

Another acronym you’ll hear from Gamers ,when you’ve finished playing, they’ll say GGs – GGs, so G for good G for game – GG’s… good game… well played… that kind of thing. Um can’t think of any other any other acronyms off the top of my head. Maybe more will come to me in a second. Now when I was young and you went to the shop and you bought a game like this that was it finished. Everything you needed was on the physical game and that was it. Nowadays, things have changed because um the developers will actually update the game from time to time and you just download what we call a patch. So for example, maybe the game developers found a glitch in the game.

Now a glitch is something in the code that is wrong or broken, which causes something strange to happen in the game. Maybe somebody finds a glitch, so the developers fix it you download a patch from the internet and it fixes that problem in the game. So this is called an update, or a patch, and they will patch the game and you download that from the internet, right? That’s one way that they do it. They also will fix things, especially in competitive games, like fighting games or something… Maybe one weapon is too good, or it’s not good enough, and they want to change it a little bit… the patch maybe will change the game.

Now if something gets better, like a character or a weapon gets better because of the patch, we say it got buffed or it received a buff, and if it got worse it got nerfed or it received a Nerf. You know that character got nerfed… that weapon got buffed… um and if they say it’s broke or broken, it means it’s too good. It’s way better than it should be… it’s broken… so yeah that’s something you’ll hear.

Speaking of acronyms, and speaking of downloads, we’ll often get something called a DLC –  DLC means downloadable content and it’s extra content you can download for the game. Usually you have to pay for it. Now, this can be things like extra maps, or it can be extra characters, or it can just be extra costumes, or skins as we call them, and you download those from the developers and it kind of adds new things to the game. It’s called DLC.

Now I’m going to say a sentence, then I’m going to break it down. Right, so the sentence is “that guy got bodied so hard, he rage quit. I bet he’s salty AF.” Right, there’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, um bodied, bodied means that you beat somebody so hard, so badly. If you get bodied, it means it was so one-sided and you lost really badly. Rage Quit is to disconnect from the game because you’re losing. Maybe, you just turn the power off or you unplug the internet or something, you rage quit… you’re angry and you quit the game… you rage quit. If you’re really angry because of a game, we will say that that person is salty, um or you know, the salt levels are very high. So if somebody’s salty, they’re angry about something that happened in the game and people often put AF on the end to mean as fuck. Salty as fuck –  salty AF. There you go. That’s what that means. Now if you take a sentence like that “the guy rage quit because I bodied him so hard, I bet he’s salty AF”… what does that even mean?!? what has that got to do with gaming?!? I don’t understand these words! I get it, but that’s how people actually talk.

My Gaming Experience

So I think that’s basically everything from vocabulary side of things. There’s loads more vocabulary, but I’ll be here all day if I try and explain everything, but those are some vocabulary terms that I hope help you out a little bit and for the last part of today’s podcast, I just wanted to take a bit of time to talk about my own experiences with gaming. Now if I think back to when I was a kid living in Sheffield, probably about eight years old, I remember, I think we got a Nintendo for Christmas, or something like that. I don’t really really remember, but I remember as a young kid playing, uh super, no before that, I was playing the regular Nintendo, the NES, and I remember we had a game which had Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt was a game where you used a gun to shoot ducks on the screen and it was like two games in one cartridge and I remember playing that a lot.

I also remember playing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, uh for that as well, and I think I also had a Ghostbusters game… maybe… around that time, so the first games I played were probably… I played games before that but those are the first ones I really really remember. So Retro Gaming, we know we’re talking late 80s here, um the first ever Nintendo consoles and I told you, I’m an old guy um, so yeah I remember playing those games as a kid. Now if I think about my favourite ever games, uh It’s tricky, but I’m gonna say Street Fighter. If you watch the videos, a lot you will notice that, occasionally, I have Street Fighter t-shirts on. In the background of the YouTube videos are Street Fighter things and it’s probably my favourite ever game, even to the point where I still play the latest versions like Street Fighter 5 from time to time.

When I was in England I used to help organise competitive events for Street Fighter, so big Street Fighter fan, absolutely love it. I wouldn’t say I’m good at it. I’m all right at it, but I absolutely love it. That’s probably my favourite game ever. Either that or second place is probably Pokemon. You know, um back in the day, when I was young, I remember getting the the games, right. When I was young they came in two colours…, you got the red one and the blue one right? The red one and the blue one and they could only catch certain Pokemon, like you couldn’t catch all the Pokemon on one game, so you had to get both and like trade Pokemon across with your friends. It was kind of wild, um that that’s the world we lived in. So I used to love Pokemon games.

Nowadays, I still play Pokemon. The last game I bought was this one, which is Pokemon Scarlet, uh on the Nintendo switch. I’m about 30% through this game, uh so that’s good, but these days I like retro games. I like to buy old games, you know Super Nintendo, N64, that kind of stuff, and I like to play retro games… but that’s just me. Everybody’s different.

So there you go, that’s a podcast all about gaming. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you found it you useful and today’s question of the day, if you made it this far, is “what is the first game you ever played and what did you think about it?” Let me know in the comments, in the show notes, wherever you can… let me know, I’d love to hear about it!

But thank you very much… so this podcast requested by Kazuo on patreon. You should be like Kazuo and join me on patreon, um the link is in the description, in the show notes, patreon.com/DanSensei – go there now, you can join for as little as five dollars a month, you get loads of stuff… you get extra podcasts, you can make requests, you can vote in polls, you get access to the patreon Discord Community, where you can chat, ask questions, and even voice speak with other people. Practice your English and we also have the chinwag community chat. Once a week, we get together on Zoom and talk together in English. It’s wicked! Check it out, I’m sure you’ll appreciate it. Thank you very much. Other than that, that’s everything for today’s podcast. I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll catch you next week, in the next one. See ya


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