These Success Idioms With Improve Your English!

These Success Idioms With Improve Your English!

Level: Intermediate    Reading Time: 7 minutes    Category: Idioms

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Idioms are a great way to improve your English communication skills. They will help you sound more natural and you will be able to understand native speakers more easily. In this lesson you will learn 5 success idioms that you can use to talk about anything related to things going well!

Do the trick:

Definition: When something solves a problem very well.

This is not related to skateboarding, but it does mean that something you did or used solved a problem you were having in a really successful way.

Here are some examples:

  • That medicine did the trick! My headache has almost gone!
  • Those last minute study sessions did the trick! I smashed my English test
  • Work has been so hard recently, but a nice trip to the beach to relax might do the trick!


If you want to improve your English ability, this lesson should do the trick:

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Work Like Magic:

Definition: Something works immediately and very well.

This idiom has nothing to do with wizards and witches but can help you transform your conversations! When something works really well, you can use this idiom!

This is how you can use this idiom:

  • Giving my date a bunch of roses worked like magic. We have another date next weekend.
  • It works like magic! Just follow DanSensei on Instagram and you will improve your English!
  • Using that YouTube video in my presentation worked like magic. Everyone loved it!


The tips in this lesson will help you improve your English! It works like magic!

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Go down a storm:

Definition: Something was well received and successful.

Storms are usually a bad thing, right? However, in this idiom, it means that something was very well received and people loved it!

Check out these examples:

  • The news I passed my driving test went down a storm with my parents.
  • The joke I told in my presentation went down a storm
  • I always bake a cake for my friends birthday and it always goes down a storm!


If you want your conversations to go down a storm, why not check out these tips next?

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Like a dream:

Definition: To go better than you imagined.

In your dreams, anything can happen! If something happens that is so successful it almost doesn’t seem realistic, then you should bust out this idiom!

Here are some examples:

  • The project went like a dream. The team really worked together well.
  • Adding a piece of chocolate to the lasagne worked like a dream! It was so creamy!
  • The interview went like a dream. I am sure I will get the job! 


If you want your next conversation to go like a dream, you might want to try avoiding these mistakes.

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Come up trumps:

Definition: To work well when you didn’t expect it to.

Sometimes, we don’t have much confidence that something will work and then it works incredibly well. That’s when you should use this idiom!

Here are some examples:

  • That travel insurance really came up trumps when all the flights were cancelled.
  • Steve really came up trumps and picked me up from the airport at 2am!
  • His ideas are crazy but they always seem to come up trumps.


Maybe these other idioms will come up trumps for you in your next English conversation.

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