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Idioms are a great way to sound more natural when you are speaking English. Each country usually has their own idioms.

However, British English has lots of strange idioms that are confusing at first, but are really fun when you understand them.

Idioms are a great way to express a difficult idea in an easy way and can often be funny at the same time.

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What does chuffed to bits mean?

This expression is used to express that someone is very happy.

We often use it to express happiness due to a recent event or situation that ended with a good result. Sometimes we will skip the ending and say “I am chuffed

It is a casual phrase, but it is not offensive so you can use it whenever you like.

However, this phrase is only common in the UK, and more specifically in the north of England. English speakers from other countries might not be familiar with this expression. In other words, be careful where you use this phrase.


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How Do you use Chuffed to bits?

A good way to understand idioms is to see examples of them in use. Therefore, here are some examples of sentences which use this idiom:

  • He looks chuffed to bits. I wonder what he is so happy about.
  • She’s chuffed to bits about her exam results.
  • I am chuffed (to bits) that we could see Big Ben on our trip to London.
  • They looked chuffed to bits during their daughters wedding ceremony.
  • I was chuffed to bits when I heard that my friend had a baby.
  • You got the job? That’s awesome! I am chuffed (to bits) for you!

So, that is how you can use the idiom “chuffed to bits” in English. Don’t forget to check back for more British slang words and phrases you can use with your British mates!

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