Being angry is a part of life. However, expressing this feeling in a different language can be very difficult.

It is very easy to copy expressions from your textbook but it is hard to sound natural. Native speakers have loads of different ways to express their feelings, such as being angry, using idioms.

If you want to sound natural when expressing yourself, idioms are a great thing for you learn. It will increase your ability to output English but also help you understand other speakers in more situations. 

In this lesson, you will learn 5 idioms to express anger. I will explain exactly what they mean and how to use them correctly.

5 Natural Ways to Say Angry!

fed up to the back teeth



This idiom is used to show that frustration has slowly built up over time.

At first it was just annoying, but the more it happens and the angrier you get. You have now had enough.

That is when you should use this idiom!


You can skip “to the back teeth” and just say you are fed up.



  • I’m fed up to the back teeth of my boss. He always gives me extra work.
  • My friend is always late. I am fed up of always waiting around for her.
  • Studying all the time is too hard. I am fed up to the back teeth with it.

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At my wits’ end



When you reach your wits’ end, it means you are about to explode. You are trying to keep your cool but it’s getting too difficult to stay calm.

This idiom can also be used to say you are worried about something. You are very close to breaking down and crying because of all the stress.



  • I can’t find my passport anywhere. I am at my wits’ end looking for it.
  • Did you hear anything? I am at my wits’ end waiting for an update.
  • I am at my wits’ end with this project. I can’t wait for it to be over.


If you want to learn how British people express being angry – check out this lesson next: British Slang – Angry

Had it up to here



If you have had it up to here with something, it means that that thing has made you very angry. It is a little similar to saying you have had enough of something because it is making you so angry.

This idiom is almost always used with a gesture. You place your hand on your forehead to express the limit you have reached. Check the video for details about this.



  • I’ve had it up to here with all your rules.
  • The train is always late. I have had it up to here with all this waiting.
  • It takes a lot to get me mad, but I have had it up to here with your attitude.

Throw a fit



This idiom is perfect for people who have absolutely lost it. They are so angry that they totally lose control.

We often use this expression to talk about other people but sometimes we use it to talk about our own past reactions.

There are lots of other idioms with very similar meanings such as: throw a wobbler, go off the deep end, go spare, blow a fuse, do (his) nut and lose it



  • My mum is going to throw a fit when she sees my test results.
  • I threw a fit when my car was stolen.
  • My boss threw a fit when I told him about the lost report.

rub someone the wrong way



If someone or something rubs you the wrong way, they make you feel annoyed or angry. Sometimes this can be through their intentional actions or it can be simply by existing. 

Other expressions with a very similar meaning are: ruffle someone’s feathers, do someone’s head in and get someone’s back up.



  • Steve really rubs me the wrong way sometimes. He is just so arrogant.
  • I am always worried that I am rubbing people the wrong way.
  • My new teacher really rubs me the wrong way. His voice is really annoying. 


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